Primal is the result of a meeting between Canadian and Argentine artists who combined their technical, visual and conceptual skills to create a virtual space where everyone can scream without restraint. Primal is a surprising new collaborative and interactive experience from Montreal’s NFB team and Encuentro, the Ministry of Education’s television channel in Argentina.


Primal invites you to share your deepest feelings by screaming in front of your computer or your mobile device’s camera. Through this scream, everyone’s primitive expression of his or her innermost recesses comes to light. Whether the scream conveys joy, surprise, anger, fear, hatred or passion, it is the unwinding of the most intense emotions and the most basic instincts—it is universal and brings us back to the roots of humanity.

In addition to being a space for expression, Primal is also a place of discovery. Through video portraits, you can explore the life, environment and reality of six young people in Quebec and Argentina who boldly participated in this screaming game. They filmed their screaming friends, interpreted their own motives, told their life stories, shared their experiences and became directors of their own cries. / October 2014


Conception and photography: Manuel Archain / Conception, photography and direction: Caroline Hayeur / Conception and art direction: Marc-Antoine Jacques (Folklore) / Conception and development: David Mongeau-Petitpas (Folklore) / Conception and video director: Bruno Stagnaro / Music composition: Ghislain Poirier