Comedians Les Souverains du Désir (LSD) and Folklore worked together to create an interactive Christmas game.


Three games were designed and put online at one-week intervals. These games asked the visitor to accumulate as many points as possible with a simple interaction, a click of the mouse. Firstly, the game “Suce la canne” (Suck the Cane) lets the user pick a character from the group Les Souverains du Désir and click as fast as possible so that the character sucks on a candy cane. The faster the user clicks, the more points he or she accumulates but the visitor must be careful, if the clicks are too fast, the character can get hurt.

The second game “Aime ton cadeau” (Like your Gift) proposes a similar interaction where the user must click as fast as possible to keep a smile on the character’s face, said character having received dubious gifts. 

Finally, the last game “Tiens-toi debout” (Stand Up) asks the user to click to maintain the Souverains standing up after a night of partying. / December 2012


 Certificate of excellence / interactive game / Grenier d’Or 2013


Concept: LSD and Folklore / Production: Folklore / Script: LSD / Art Direction: Folklore / Web Development: Folklore