Mythes 2.0


Folklore designed and produced the webdoc Mythes 2.0 (Myths 2.0) on the web phenomena in Quebec with the National Film Board of Canada in the context of interactive trials series in Le Devoir, a daily newspaper. The webdoc focuses on the steps that lead to the birth of a web phenomena and its insertion in pop culture.


The internet is the most important symbol of a society based on a technical ideology. This must be true, as this is what results from a Google search with the keywords ‘mythe’ and ‘Internet’. But over and above technology, the network of networks has democratized the process of creation and cultural broadcasting. It knocks down the walls around creators, assembling them in a common area where they recognize each other, exchange, create and transform the culture from which they are derived. It is somewhat similar to the oral traditions of yonder years that led to legends and folk tales that are still present to this day, with the difference that today the legends are created, shared and transformed faster and on a grander scale. These cultural elements also called “memes” like the “Star Wars Kid”, “Tequila Heineken”, “Mon père est riche en tabarnak” (my father is rich as fuck) or “Bonne fête Kevin” (happy birthday Kevin), turn out to be so big that they become veritable myths and form part of society’s pop culture. Myths 2.0 are shared, rehashed, told, and told again, transforming the history of “Like” into “Tweet”. / June 2013


− Prix Boomerang 2013 / interactive documentary



Couverture médiatique à Salut Bonjour!, l’émission matinale du groupe TVA.

Presse Écrite

« Ces histoires, c’était une façon de se moquer des notables, du curé, des politiciens, pour déstabiliser un certain ordre établi. »

Les nouvelles légendes du Web, Le Devoir >

« La ligne éditoriale est simple: aucune retenue, aucune censure, ça sort comme ça sort. Ils sont devenus de réels performeurs web qui carburent à l’absence de retenue chronique. »

Mythes 2.0, webstars et vulgarité, Voir >



Design and Production: Folklore / Executive Producers: Office National du Film / Script: Olivier Niquet / Interviews: Xavier Kronström Richard / Narrator: Michel Keable / Photography: Simon Duhamel / Music and Sound Design: Guy Dubuisson and Joé Trépanier