Elektra 14, Anti/Matter


The Elektra International Digital Arts Festival has been working with Baillat Cardell & Fils for many years for the production of their campaign and their visual identity. Folklore collaborated with Baillat Cardell for the concept and the production of the website for the 14th edition of the festival, with the theme Anti/Matter.



The site was designed for small mobile phone screens. This requirement was used to produce the design for the computer and tablet versions. As opposed to a website with an adaptive design, it keeps the width of a mobile phone even if viewed on a bigger screen. Zones on each side are then used for antimatter. Throughout its viewing, the pages seen go deeper and deeper in the antimatter and keeps a trace of the visitor’s actions.


A factual microsite was put online not long before the festival. Equipped with a modified version of the Google search engine, it permits surfing the web in antimatter version.

anti-matiere.ca / May 2013


− Creative Review Annual 2014 / United Kingdom

− Boomerang 2013 / Grand Prix  / Website or application

− Grafika / Prix / Website


Concept: Baillat Cardell & fils / Art direction: Baillat Cardell & fils / Design: Folklore / Web development: Folklore