Banlieue la nuit


Radio-Canada Rive-Sud/Rive-Nord called upon Folklore to collaborate in the concept and production of the interactive report #BanlieueLaNuit. The report is to be a source of information on the nightlife in suburbia to help discard the myths of the sleeping cities.


Immersion is one of the first avenues explored for the narrative. The visitor travels in the night through the eyes of different participants, recalling the style of a video game. Faced with the large quantity and diversity of content, interactive panoramas interlaced with video scenes were therefore chosen as the way to go. The panoramas represent different places and give information in pop-up bubbles (audio, statistics, quotes) that the visitor can view as he or she wishes.

The city dweller’s contribution also forms part of the experience, through the survey bubbles which ask the visitor to answer a question and get the survey results. The experience ends with the visitor being offered the chance to download photos and audio witness accounts on suburbia nightlife.


− Online Journalism Award Atlanta / Feature / Small

− SND35 / Award of Excellence / Use of multimedia


Presse écrite

« C'est un site comme on en rêverait quand on habite la banlieue parisienne. »

Un site pour vivre la banlieue la nuit…à Montréal, Blogue Le Monde >

« On les qualifie de « villes-dortoirs », mais les banlieues dorment-elles vraiment une fois la nuit tombée? »

Passez une nuit blanche en banlieue, Radio-Canada Rive-Sud >



Concept: Radio-Canada Rive-Sud/Rive-Nord and Folklore / Screen adaptation and production: Radio-Canada Rive-Sud/Rive-Nord / Design: Radio-Canada Rive-Sud/Rive-Nord and Folklore / Web development: Folklore